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Budaaaaaaaaa. pest!

An easy 3 hours from vienna and budapest became our next home for 3 nights. Orange text me to say 'welcome to hungry' which I found amusing.. ahhhh simple things.

The first walk to our hostel seemed a dangerous one, walking down what could've been dodgy lanes at 7pm wasn't the best start and then arriving at a protest/riot on our street (which I have a video of) we were far from home!

But.. After taking a side street we dodged the whole polava and arrived. Instant Groove party hostel was its name and it didn't let us down (review at the end)

We needed money and food before the 'instant groove party' later!! The money works out at 300 FT to 1 pound so we were carrying around 10000 notes which felt strange (lot of millionaires in Hungary.)

Fretty ordered a lemonade with his burger and I had a coke, the latter came as normal but we were suprised to find that the lemonade had a huge ensemble of oranges, lemons, leaves! Budapestians seem to have a obsession with good lemonade!

Back at instant we were joined by some crazy Glaswegians and after getting acquainted we set about a drinking game called 'The german Porn game' (rules for the less mature audience in the blog that will follow this)

We joined in a pub crawl and found ourselves again a bit worse for ware in another city.
Budapest seems to be bar orientated, we went in 6 without a club!

We lost each other and whilst I stumbled around countless streets that I had no clue even how to say, fretty took the mature route and hailed a taxi, although he says that this was harder than it sounds! It seems asif he got lucky, apparently they can charge whatever they want but he only paid 3000FT (just a tenner!)

After a lazy morning we as ever fancied a tour, for all you travellers we found a free one (although tips were wanted) outside. St stephens basilica at 2.30 which runs everyday.

Best tour by far, the woman was friendly and the tour didn't cram the history it took you everywhere you needed to go in buda and we learnt lots about culture, the language (which by the way is apparently used in films for aliens when they talk! Its the 5th hardest language to learn. We found out about the food and famous things from hungary, like for example the rubiks cube was invented here, and houdini was hungarian!

Apart from the sights the best thing we say was a cage in a park full and I mean full of padlocks! This is a romantic part so if you hate soppy move onto the next paragraph!... When two lovers are in budapest they buy a padlock, write their names on it, lock it to this cage and throw the keys in the river to make your love last forever! Told you it was soppy, best padlock we saw was a combination lock! Someone has been very tactical

The tour ended with orientation! Which gave us insight into saving money and the best things to do in budapest.

We bought and cooked some amazing pork with pasta and dolmio sauce (yes hungary loves the dolmio) bellys full we started on our second night of partys, the manager whipped out some speakers and cracked on with the music and offered us all countless shots of carbonated vodka and strawberry syrup.

As it was a sunday there wasn't so much going on but the manager found us a cool little bar where instead of a cloakroom people left their bikes hanging from the wall...mental...we got a picture. I've suddenly realise that it must mean people ride home in drunken states and I really hope that is the case as the images it creates for me are hilarious.

The next we took our hungover states to the turkish baths in the north east of central budapest, it is a must for travellers and this one has a beautiful setting and we were awe struck as we stepped inside.

11 pounds bought us a full day of baths, we wanted massages aswell but they made it awkward to find so we skipped that part. Along with a huge heated outside pool area, the baths included pools of varying temperature and it was a maze trying to find them all, the best for both of us was 20degree (which was so cold) straight to 40degree (burning!!) Definetly made us wake up plus relaxing in the 40degree and watching the reaction faces of the braves souls moving into the 20, made it even better!

4 hours later we were fully bathed out and took a stroll around the parks and the castle which the baths stood next to, such a pretty and relaxing place, in the sun we spent a long time meandering and finally found a weird lake which you could row on full of what seemed like floating benches..cars..and statues, if ever there was a place the rivalled the surreal theme park of vienna this was it!

We asked for a cheap restaurant from our ever helpful hostel people and they recommended a place called Frikin Papas on Kiraly street which didn't disappoint, meat soup with dumplings to start followed by paprika chicken for me and beef goulash for fret! We were stuffed after two course and it cost less than 15 pound all together what a win!

The night of course consisted of partying, its instant groove party hostel what do you expect! Lots of music and a random spell from beardyman on youtube, very fun and extremely sociable place. As we left at about half 12 the team was led by an aussie about 20 minutes away to a 'dubstep' night, I put this is apostorphes as we arrived to found little music and a dingy front entrance, collectively we declined and I'm proud to say I took the reins!

We got the tram which was still running at half 1 surprisingly 5 stops to ..... Some paid some sneaky buggers didn't but it was less than 1 pound anyway.

The club was called morrisons but it was a far cry from the take that adverts and freddy flintoff banter. 2 pounds in, and beers for 1.80 you couldn't go wrong! The music was commercial and place was hot, but for the price we were more than happy fretty and I learnt a Swedish dance that resembled playing table tennis which I'm sure will be shown to friends when we get back!

After arriving home at 5 it was no wonder why our final day started late. We managed to leave at about 12 and found some fantastic breakfast

(Chocolate filled croissants are the absolute best)

We headed over chain bridge to the Buda side of Budapest to explore a labyrinth it was used for people to hide during a siege, or to store valuables so the tax man wouldn't find them, in the present day it has been transformed into a wierdly wonderful place. Sometimes a little on edge we wandered the tiny passageways, and took on the pitch black tunnels (with our camera flashes for guidance) we had several photos to delete when we arrived out!

Our train was at seven but we had little energy to do more so we found a takeaway that sold hungarian pizza! We settled down with coke and pizza and wimbledon on the communal laptop..a serious chill out until 5 when we headed for the train.

As I'm writing this fretty wants to add that the pizza he had (chicken) was the most incredible thing he has eaten all holiday which is a bold statement after some fantastic meals
His regret ('frets regret' which will become a feature in our next couple of blogs, was that he did not find this place earlier in our trip.) I'm sure he would've bled them dry of pizzas during our time if he had known after eating two in the space of 3 hours!

Instant groove hostel has now topped our hostel chart, it was small which meant everyone mingled together, the staff got involved in the party mood and they are so relaxed about check out and noise. (This is definitely not a place for peaceful evenings) the bean bags are massive (perfect for sleeping on in the middle of the day) and the rooms are tidy and large. We had three nights of absolute hilarity and would always go back there. Gonna be difficult to beat it.

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