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The German Porn Drinking Game

For the less mature side of us all!

  • warning this game is for the less mature and therefore reading is at your own risk, we are young and we are students, parents and adults please accept this before agreeing to read....

The german porn drinking game rules!!

This is taken from the glaswegians and therefore I take no responsibility for the pure genius of this game. It is hard without a video but I will try

First the game revolves around the sex energy, and you pass it around a circle/the group with fist clenched swing across your body with a 'mmmm' sound

The second move changes the energies direction, it is done with the opposite arm of the direction (if it comes to you from the left you use your right arm to send it back) the move is a fist clenched pull down, pretending you are pulling a lorry horn down! (That's the best way I can describe it)! The noise you make is a high pitched 'Yaaaaa' sound!

The third move misses a person out and jumps the energy by one! The action is both hands behind the head and the sound is (high or low pitched, your discretion) 'Das ist Gut' hahaha

I hope your loving it so far. Anything that goes wrong the culprit has to drink.

Two moves to go... The next is a question that can be asked three times to any other person, you ask 'up da pooper' and point to the person, they then have the choice to accept by doing move number one in either direction or saying 'nien' the questioner then picks again asking the same question with the same choice for the chosen person. If another 'nien' comes back then the third and final chosen person has to accept with move number one and the game continues.

Last moves is a shouted without an action, 'schizen mine munt' (you can guess what that is) the response from everybody apart from the shouter is to jump up arms in the air and shouting 'wonderbaa' the last to do so drinks!! If everyone is seemingly quick the shouter carries on with move number one!

Drink when something goes wrong and then if/when you get good start to add pace and any small pause causes a drink.

It has given us several hilarious games and Fret and I both love it.

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