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14th, 15th, 16th

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Anything from now on with a star is info for fellow travellers so might be bit wierd for friends and fam!!! X

Prague is a go go!

We took an overnight train from berlin to prague.. When I say overnight it set off at 4am took 5 hours! Finding the hostel was a mission as we assumed the place was more north! Prague is small and walking is the best way to get around but with 15kg back packs 2.5 hours wasn't as enjoyable.

We were still on time however for a prague history cramming session, (there was lot to see)

  • in the old town Square we found a yellow umbrella with 'free tour' so immediately took that opportunity, it was technically free but he was expecting tips. We gave him 100KC (4 pound) although it was long it definitely deserved tips 3 hours of amazing sights, finding out about Kafka, charles the 4th and the german settlement over the jews during the war, and the astronomical clock. (which, don't get me wrong is beautiful to see but highly overrated. Apparently they added a trumpeter at each hour for the excitement factor, but the best part for me is the huge applause he gets at the end of his 20 second piece, it seems everyone goes wild for a brass player at the top of a clock!!)

Tired out from all our clapping! we headed back to chilis (*hostel Review at the end) and straight to sleep!

We decided our night should be booked up with a pub crawl, (responsible people please stop reading and move to section 8)

  • www.pubcrawl.cz 490KC,

starting with an hour free drinking which has no catch, if you could drink there was another beer waiting. We found ourselves washing the taste of absinthe out with vodka, and a free T-shirt with shots in 2 more clubs, so many english speaking people from all over the world, we got chatting to some aussies who we actually met in berlin! Crazy coincidence!

It finished in central europes biggest night club karlovy lazny! Free entry and 5 amazing floors, all english music which you can't complain although to name any of them is tricky! Best thing I can remember.. Apart from the aussies still being with us was a huge smokescreen as you arrived at one of the floors, which cooled you down and left you mesmerised (this could be over enthusiastic.. I was a touch out of it)

  • Two things to consider (travellers) The rumours of pickpockets weren't true even two absolute drunks survived the night with everything intact but the taxis will try to charge so much, it worked out we paid 700 KC which is maybe 30 pound for a 15 minute taxi! RIPPED OFF!!

(Section 8!)
The morning after turned into afternoon much deserved lie in! 1e headed over charles bridge which was definitely worth a visit up to the palace, and a huge climb to St. Vitus cathedral at the top, we managed to sneak onto a tour and really hear the history of it, such a beautiful place, although with a hangover it was less appreciated!!

We ate dumplings.. Which could be traditional czech food, and headed back for a quiet evening including me trying to cook, and helping a girl stab a tuna can open with a knife as there was no tin opener (hostel luxuries!) We walked out into prague for the evening/night a picture does not capture the beauty of prague at night its lit up everywhere, fantastic to walk around in. Bed at 2, Early night compared to the crazy previous one.

Final day started nervously as we went to reserve our seats for the train to vienna, we found out about a 24hr strike until midnight......thank god our train was at 00.04! Eaaaaasssssy!

  • there was no need to book the train to vienna.

We then headed out on a coach to plzen (where the czech beer, pilsner is made) took an hour which was spent planning other cities! And sleeping (fretty)

It took 30 mins from the bus station without a map to find the pilsner brewery, it reminded me of the land of dulop in shrek, huge gates in and a what seemed like a little beer village within the city where everyone lived and worked. No dancing puppet thing at the front though :(!

  • tour was 80KC for students

We left the land of Pils feeling satisfied, after seeing the bottling process and the old and new process and sampling the old taste from the resin covered barrels and the current beer. The last bus back to prague was looming so all that was left was a tiny bit of fast food but trust me we searched but amongst the casinos, all the night bars and crazy trams there were none, so left with hungry stomachs!

  • the bus back, was epic the company called the student agency bus (yellow) is big in prague. Had scooby doo on the tv screen in english, free drinks, wifi and newspapers so comfy!!! We were in coach heaven.

Until it dropped us about maybe 1 hour out of prague and we had no clue where we were! Spent the next 20 mins asking bus drivers who all hated us until one guy said yes for free, we ended up on a bus with only one other person (biting our nails time) it worked out though and we found the tram stop where someone else told us to jump on! So like sheep we did! But it paid off and wasn't long till we saw familiar sights again!

Prague should finish here but unfortunately because of the strikes there was a backlog of people and delays. 3 hours later than expected and huge line had been created and when the platform was announced a gigantic race commenced!! Surrreal moment we didn't know what to do....... So we ran! Both placed in top 20! A

  • Chilis hostel: if you expect luxury for 7 euros you've come to the wrong city but chilis definitely was value for money, sociable, communal kitchen and free internet in reception. the bed was a tiny bit woodlike! But for 7 euros it was perfect
  • Prague was a memorable city, funny pedestrian crossing laws make it even better and the sights are spectacular night and day, a huge must for europe travellers.

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June 11th, 12th and 13th!

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The first stop...Berlin. After worrying about everything all the way down to the airport, scaring ourselves each time a ticket was needed and wasn't where we assumed it to be and constantly checking all travelling essentials were still with us, we boarded the ryanair flight without a hitch.

We got into berlin late night and immediately confused ourselves with tickets, trying to get to other parts of germany rather than berlin's Sbahn system, which by the way I feel is less superior to london underground.

Reaching Alexplatz was fantastic, the area is great for anything food, clubs, or a general relax, our hostel was not far from the station, it has been a 5 star experience for us in this place, 'Pangea people hostel' has hit the spot setting the bar very high for the next.

Battenburg tor, topography of terror (which was interesting but a lot of reading) potsdamer place and a fantastic street carnival in the south all were checked off the list. A lot of history. We also decided that in amongst all the history we should sample the food, currywurst was absolutely lovely, not too spicy, maybe a tiny bit too fluorescent but overall lovely!

We headed out slightly worse for ware in the evening after some vodka and found ourselves with Heineken and irish girls all night long until one of them finally admitted to having a boyfriend and it ending awkwardly and stumbling on back to the hostel.

Our last day started badly, after being caught red handed trying to sneak some bread rolls and eggs out of breakfast! We headed out west to the olympic stadium which did not let us down, absolutely stunning with a first class tour at only 7 euros it made it even better. For anyone in berlin, this is a must.

Getting back on the Sbahn, we decided the berlin zoo was needed, apparently there are 8000 animals, we didn't count but enjoyed it a lot, the best thing about it was the enclosure being quite minimal in terms of fences etc. Making you feel even closer to all the animals,

Later on we arrived back in alexplatz, and decided to 'recharge' in a very scenic part with a name I can't remember! But it was peaceful, then food (pizza and ice cream) nice traditional german food!

Back to the hostel to change (we had no room by this point) then out drinking again for our last night, very strange but cool to be drinking on the streets, it looks slightly like your an alcoholic but it feels so right!!

Train to prague....4am!

The amount of bin searchers I saw was unbelievable, because of the recycling scheme people get money back for glass, plastic etc. So instead of begging, the homeless scour the the bins in the area!

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